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Night Guards and Sports Guards

Night Guards

Some people grind their teeth, creating loose or worn teeth. Those who grind their teeth at night often wake up with a headache or a painful jaw – without knowing the cause. A well-fitting night guard or mouth guard is the first step in preventing any further damage to your teeth. We will take an impression of your mouth and have a custom guard created for you in a professional dental lab. This ensures you have a product that is comfortable and effective.

Night GuardsNight Guards

Sports Mouth Guards

Dr. Hawa creates mouth guards for sports players of all ages. Wearing a custom mouth guard will protect your teeth and gums during high-impact physical contact. They are comfortable and easy to wear. Don't gamble with your oral health – contact us today for more information about mouth guards.

Sports Mouth GuardsSports Mouth Guards

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and talking with Dr. Hawa. I enjoyed listening to his experiences with new technology and hearing his genuine concern for the patient. I couldn't be happier to have Dr. Hawa as my new dentist! Thank you for spending your time with me. Everything was perfect!

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