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At Northern Virginia Dental Arts, we are proud to offer gentle, pleasant, comfortable care.

Dental practices have changed dramatically over the years. Our state-of-the-art techniques make your treatment nearly painless. We can eliminate the discomfort that some people feel about dentistry and going to the dentist.

Dr. Hawa is a gentle, friendly dentist. He and his expert staff have your comfort and dental health in mind. This is why we work to eliminate any discomfort you may feel about dentistry or your appointment.

You are in control of your appointment at all times. Just let us know in advance if you feel anxious or uncomfortable about the dentist - or let us know as soon as any discomfort kicks in. Whether you are here to get a routine dental examination or cleaning, oral cancer screening, crown, tooth whitening, toothache treatment, or cosmetic procedure, we can always take a short break as soon as you feel discomfort.

We take pride in taking the pain out of dentistry. By utilizing modern topical anesthetics and the correct procedures, we are able to make injections as comfortable as possible. There is an art in giving comfortable injections, and our doctors have mastered this art. They take this approach with the whole family: adults, teens and kids.

At Northern Virginia Dental Arts, we follow strict sterilization procedures to safeguard the health and safety of every patient. In order to facilitate these procedures, we use state-of-the-art sterilizing units which keep every tooth extraction, veneer, root canal, periodontal treatment, dental bridge, tooth repair, or Invisalign completely sterile..

Dental ServicesDental Services

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and talking with Dr. Hawa. I enjoyed listening to his experiences with new technology and hearing his genuine concern for the patient. I couldn't be happier to have Dr. Hawa as my new dentist! Thank you for spending your time with me. Everything was perfect!

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